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11-Jun-2017 03:59

That’s SCS.” recently gave attention to a secret arm of the CIA tasked with security operations abroad.

The Global Response Staff is made up of hundreds of former members of U. special operations forces who often work as contractors.

Immediately after the Talledega rescue in 1991, the reported that the operation began at . M., and the hostages, all prison or immigration employees, were freed.” The Hostage Rescue Team was conceived as an FBI variant of Delta Force, with the intention of performing such specialized missions as rescuing hostages from hijacked planes.

“On a videotape made by the Cable News Network, three or four men dressed in dark clothing and who appeared to be holding rifles scurried across the roof of the cellblock. When it was formally proposed in Washington, however, top officials at the Bureau rejected the plan.

When you think CIA, you think James Bond and microfilm.

But you don’t really think of an agency whose sole purpose is to get up real close and use the best technology there is to listen and transmit.

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The NSA was once jokingly referred to as No Such Agency because of its penchant for secrecy.

Memorandum for the Record, Meeting of the President’s Foreign Intelligence Advisory Board, 1030 to 1230, Washington, DC, April 3, 1975. United States Government classified Government Contract No.