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26-Sep-2017 18:06

She told me her nephew's daughter was suffering from AIDS.She was in a high fever and her state was very bad. When we were talking about the matter, her nephew came.At that moment, her first thought was: "I am a Falun Dafa practitioner and I will have no danger at all.I must have owed this family from my previous life, and it's time to pay for that." The miracle of Dafa soon became apparent.Many practitioners were affected, with severe pain and itching. In addition, the guards commonly used the "slapping scabies" torture, consisting of using a hardwood plank or pieces of plastic to strike the scabies sores. 4 Division classroom, a wooden square club over ten centimeters thick was used as a tool for "slapping scabies." The club was saturated with blood, which was used to repeatedly strike the scabies.

Song Changguang was one of the most severely affected by scabies in the Chaoyanggou Labor Camp.When he went to drive out the goat, he fell on completely flat ground.