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The era witnessed the gradual rifting of the supercontinent Pangaea into separate landmasses that would eventually move into their current positions.

The climate of the Mesozoic was varied, alternating between warming and cooling periods.

Following the bloom of the Middle Triassic, the Late Triassic featured frequent heat spells, as well as moderate precipitation (10-20 inches per year).The Earth had just witnessed a massive die-off in which 95% of all life became extinct.The most common vertebrate life on earth were Lystrosaurus, labyrinthodonts, and Euparkeria along with many other creatures that managed to survive the Great Dying.Algae, sponge, corals, and crustaceans all had recovered, and the reptiles began to get bigger and bigger.

New aquatic reptiles evolved, such as ichthyosaurs and nothosaurs.

Fruitafossor, from the late Jurassic period about 150 million years ago, was about the size of a chipmunk and its teeth, forelimbs and back suggest that it broke open the nest of social insects to prey on them (probably termites, as ants had not yet appeared).

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