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This ad was kind of a big deal to fans as it was the first time Peter Cullen had done any work related to Transformers in thirteen years, dating back to the Action Master ads.Animation: Excerpt from The Transformers: The Movie of Unicron slamming his hand down on Cybertron's surface, accompanied by a newly recorded voice-over proclaiming "The universe is mine! Also has an excerpt of Optimus Prime stock footage with Optimus telling Unicron to "fight someone your own size." Idyllic scenes of nature on earth are followed by scenes of the Decepticon army mobilizing with an epic choral tune playing the background.The Beast Wars ad campaign created a similar feel of a whole world waiting to be explored but this time with organic beasts.This recurring theme of a huge world of stories has captivated many a Transformers fan and is largely responsible for the brand's rabid fandom.The molding gives way and he falls down the side of the building.He mistakes the sparks created by his scraping fingernails as something shooting from his fingers.More recently, the massive ad campaigns for the live-action film series and associated merchandise has kept the Transformers brand in the eye of the public, and made the films feel like the blockbuster events they were intended to be.

Toy segment: Two kids ordering food are informed by the lady behind the counter that there is only one order of fries left, so they decide to fight it out with their Transformers.The whole commercial has a dubbed over feel, as Megatron and Optimus Prime sound nothing like the voices used for the show (presumably because casting had not yet been done) and the sound quality of the narration seems below that of the rest of the commercial.Animation: CGI Optimus Prime transforms from truck to super-mode; Cartoon excerpts of Megatron (with correct voice) talking, Optimus transforming, and Sky-Byte taking a chunk out of the rear of a moving vehicle.As the goal of any advertising is to influence the viewer into buying the advertised product, Transformers commercials have naturally played a large part in the perception of the Transformers brand.

The narration of Victor Caroli, along with the animation, enabled Generation 1 commercials to create the idea of a Transformers world with many stories to be told.

He finally catches another piece of molding as Megatron (in his Optimal Optimus body) strafes him.