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John was preceded in death by his parents, Horace and Sarah Williams; his first wife, Frances Saunders; and his second wife, Martha Williams. John is survived by his great niece, Betty Yeargain of San Antonio; and numerous great great nieces and nephews.

Graveside funeral services were held at Noon Tuesday, March 10, 2009, in the San Fernando #3 Cemetery in San Antonio, Texas, officiated by Sister Mary Theresa.

(Based on Luke 16:9) He set out three points about money: Keith Drury writes, ‘We ought to make money.

It was an argument for industriousness, hard work, cleverness. (And that’s what I’m scare the most) But Wesley, he followed his own advice.

He subsequently left the Moravians, beginning his own ministry.

A key step in the development of Wesley's ministry was, like Whitefield, to travel and preach outdoors.

Thus, Wesley called us for simplicity and plainness. If John Wesley were to write an article about the topic of money in Motivate for Life, he would conclude his article by writing his utmost motivation of his entire view on money as ‘Give all you can’. Wesley outlines a list: In summary, his trilateral are ‘Gain All you Can’, ‘Save All you Can’ and it base ‘Give All you Can’.Keith Drury revealed that “In fact, during Wesley’s lifetime he earned the equivalent of Million.When he died, he left behind only a few miscellaneous coins and a couple of silver spoons…John loved talking to people about the Lord, and he loved playing his violin.

He immensely enjoyed visiting area nursing homes, where he would play his violin and entertain the residents.

(The same confusion I had when I read about Williams’ sisters – Serena Williams and Venus Williams, the two world-class tennis players, pardon me) John Wesley (1703 - 1791) was an Anglican priest (until 1728), evangelist and founder of Methodism.