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And perhaps the saddest research I read involved a recent study that found a strong connection between declining marriage rates and incomes over the past 50 years.According to a story in the New York Times, a recent report by Michael Greenstone and Adam Looney of the Hamilton Project, found that “dwindling marriage rates are concentrated among the poor—the very people whose living standards would be most improved by having a second household income.They are in good company, according to a new study showing that teenagers are increasingly delaying activities that had long been seen as rites of passage into adulthood.The study, published Tuesday in the journal Child Development, found that the percentage of adolescents in the U. who have a driver's license, who have tried alcohol, who date, and who work for pay has plummeted since 1976, with the most precipitous decreases in the past decade.A small study (113 African-American and 131 Euro-American couples) published in 2003 set out to uncover what topics caused the most disagreement for newlyweds.“In both the first and third years of marriage, money was most often reported as a topic of marital disagreement.It beat out tensions about leisure, each spouse’s family of origin, children and religion. Bringing debt into your marriage may make for an unhappier union.

• An American Express survey found that only 43 percent of the general population talked money before marriage, but the number rises to 57 percent for affluent couples and jumps to 81 percent for young professionals.In a recent study, those who said money isn’t important to them “score about 10 to 15% better unmarried stability and other measures of relationship quality than couples where one or both are materialistic.” ”Couples where both spouses are materialistic were worse off on nearly every measure we looked at,” said Jason Carroll, a BYU professor of family life and lead author of the study.“There is a pervasive pattern in the data of eroding communication, poor conflict resolution and low responsiveness to each other.” On the other hand, when both partners are materialistic, they are better off financially – but money is a bigger source of conflict for them.Is it true that 50% of divorces are due to disagreements over money?

In the many years I’ve been writing about credit, I’ve never been able to pin down a specific study to back that “fact” up.

Presumably the others (there’s that roughly 1/3rd figure coming up again) were less forthcoming about their finances.