20 yr old dating 14 yr old cnn chile en directo online dating

28-Oct-2017 11:15

You could just tell him to stay away from her, but I don't think that wil do any good.

If they want to see each other they are going to unless you force them apart.

Dont worry about what ur daughter says report him that nasty... Well all depends on type of person your daughter is but still report him. And before u report him talk to her and tell her why its not right she can date an 17 max but geez 24 u should get her some help too try school councelor or something. What could a 24 year old want with a 14 year old other than sex.

Report him and get a restraining order against him if you have to.

Some girls prefer older guys but 14 and 24 is on the sick side.

What is this guy like - ask to meet him if you haven't already. This will most likely fizzle in a short time anyway but if you do get involve it will only make things worse.

This is the latest headline-hitting case in the US of women being charged for having sex with underage boys.If she had have told me "you can't see him he is too old/young/bad/good etc" I would have told her where to go and done it anyway.At 14 you are no longer a kid but becomming an adult and parents need to guide you in the right direction not push you.If you do she could end up getting hurt a lot worse than if you intervene now.

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I was dating a 22 year old when I was 14 and my parents didn't really do much about it.

Earlier this year in North Carolina, a 25-year-old teacher was charged with having unlawful sex with three of her teenage pupils.